College Ministry with Campus Outreach

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Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia, the only continent that has never seen revival. Currently the biggest area we need to grow in is broadening the top of the ministry funnel at UQ. The laborers that are being produced are quality, but for the sake of the nations and God’s glory, we want to see more being mobilized and that requires finding creative ways to expand our ministry potential.  We are looking for graduates that can commit for 10-12 months to help us broaden our ministry connections on campus.  Participants will live near the campus, and their biggest purpose would be to network and connect students to the ministry.

The Process

Apply | Interview | Acceptance | Commit by April 2018 | Support Training- May 2018 | Support Raising | Summer Project Vision Trip - July 2018 | Pre-Field Team Training - Nov. 2018 |      Launch- Jan. 2019