Belo Horizonte, Brazil


We will be on-field May through June


There is a great need for laboring Christians in Brazil, especially on the college campus. Our hope is to see the Lord bring Brazilians to Christ and develop them into laborers. It is also a key time for us to grow in character development and gain a Biblical view of fellowship with the Body.


The team will be spending time building relationships with students in hopes of sharing the Gospel with the lost and helping believers grow deeper in their faith. We will be attending a local church and encouraging our contacts to come with us and be involved in the church. We will build vision for evangelizing the unreached, while learning how to better communicate the Gospel in a secular world.

Do Cross-Cultural projects really make an impact?

"CCPs have consistently created a buzz on campus for the past 18 years. the momentum that is created by and through the CCP is always a great close-out for our first semester and jump-start for our second semester of the year. Each year, the amount of contacts that the CCP helps generate is correlated to the fruit of people coming to Christ we see later in the school year or the year afterward. CCPs have become an essential part of our yearly ministry cycle."

- John Elam, Campus Outreach Brazil


The cost of CCP is approximately $6,000. We are trusting God to provide the needed funds through people who would partner with us to see the Gospel go forward in Brazil. 

There are two ways to partner financially:

  1. By Mail: Write a check made out to 'Campus Outreach' with the student’s name in the subject line that you are supporting, and send your donation to: Campus Outreach Birmingham, P.O. Box 43737, Birmingham, AL 35243

  2. Online: Click on the link below, enter the name in the donor preference box, and follow the steps to enter your donation.


  1. That God will deepen our intimacy and dependency on Him and increase our love for each other.

  2. For the Spirit to prepare hearts and minds to receive the Truth and grand faith to those who hear the Gospel.

  3. That the Lord will provide for our needs and safety over the summer.


If you would like more information, you may email Ryan Akers or check out our CCP FAQ page