I just wanted to take a minute on behalf of my wife, Sandi, and I to say thank you to the Campus Outreach staff for your hard work in designing and implementing the Campus Outreach cross-cultural projects (CCPs). Two of my daughters have participated in a CCP and I have watched as their faith (and ours) has grown through the support raising process, the pre-trip training and of course the challenges and even trials that they experienced while in a foreign country. They were put in positions to trust God when mom and dad weren’t around to bail them out and saw God do wonderful things. It built our faith as well as we were forced to trust God to take care of them and use them for His glory while we remained on the other side of the world, literally. We realize they are God’s children before they are our children and we have to let Him lead them and let them learn to follow. I have a 15 year old son who can’t wait to follow after his sisters and participate in a CCP when he goes off to college. Sandi and I are also looking forward to that day for him too because we’ve seen the incredible impact it has had on our girls. God’s richest blessings to all of you CO staff and thank you so much for your sacrificial service and commitment to train up college students to live and minister for the Lord for the rest of their lives. -Weyman Prater



Who will be in charge of my student?

On a typical CCP, one male and one female Director will lead the team. They, along with our administrative team, will oversee all administrative operations, and are responsible for scheduling, logistics, teaching, training, and discipling the entire group. Each Director has been hand-selected by the CO staff for their experience and proven leadership. They strive to provide a quality experience for each student.

What about safety?

Safety is always our primary concern.  While no one can guarantee the complete safety of anyone, anywhere, we do take very seriously the safety of each student and make sure to take every precaution. During every phase of our trip, safety is given the highest priority. Each location has its own policies regarding rules for the project to give healthy and safe parameters to the CCP students.  We are in ongoing communication with the staff in the field to be aware of any national, political or health concerns.  Team leaders have plans for emergency situations and will work in cooperation with the local staff to carry out plans in case of emergency.  We will evaluate any unforeseen emergency or threat arises and evacuate the team if necessary.  Parents will be notified of any situations of concern.

what are the logistics of this trip?

Because the details of each project vary depending on location, each CCP team leader will communicate details for the project sometime in April.  You can expect to receive information about team goals, CCP policies, flights, CCP schedule, emergency contacts, correspondence guidelines, packing, travel insurance, and money at this time.

what is the cost?

The cost of each trip includes international airfare, missionary training and debriefing, in-country transportation, secondary travel insurance, housing and food. Trip prices offset costs such as resources and literature, administrative, and project setup costs.

Each student on CCP has the opportunity to grow their faith by trusting God to provide the financial resources needed to attend project. We will provide great training and resources to help your student learn how to invite others to partner with them this summer by giving financially and praying for them.  Every year God uses this process to prepare our students for ministry overseas as they look to Him to provide and supply what is needed for His glory to be made known among all nations.

who do i contact in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, please contact Ryan Akers at 256.872.5043.