Campus Outreach Birmingham is currently under the authority of Briarwood Presbyterian Church.  Briarwood Presbyterian Church serves under the mission statement “For God’s glory, we are committed to equipping Christians to worship God and to reach Birmingham to reach the world for Christ.”  Briarwood began in 1960 under the leadership of Frank Barker Jr. Briarwood is the birthplace of the Presbyterian Church in America denomination.  Campus Outreach is proud to be one of the ministries Briarwood equips to serve the world for Christ. 

Each Campus Outreach region sits under the authority and supervision of a regional church. Campus Outreach partners with numerous denominations that are healthy, Bible believing, evangelical, Gospel preaching, and reformed in their doctrine. These Regional Churches provide a crucial source of accountability, leadership, and a substantial percentage of the resources for the region’s effective existence.

Campus Outreach is not a para-church organization, but rather an extension of the church on the college campus. As a result, the ministry at each campus is connected to a local church near that campus. This provides our Campus Staff and students the opportunity to partner with that church by bringing non-Believers and Believers alike to sit under the teaching of scripture. It also provides connection with the larger body of Christ and instills value for belonging and partaking of the Body of Christ.