Who should go on a Vision Pathway?

Vision Pathways are designed for students who have just graduated from college.


What is a Vision Pathway?

A Vision Pathway is a 1 year opportunity with a partner church or organization that sets graduates up to serve in strategic ways while taking advantage of a mentor, missional team, and a missional focus as they take their first steps out of college.

When do Vision Pathways begin?

The launch time varies for each Vision Pathway.  Most stateside Vision Pathways begin in the Summer/Fall after graduation.  Most international Vision Pathways begin in January.

How long are the Vision Pathways?

Most Vision Pathways last for 1 year, with the possibility of committing for a second year.

Where are there Vision Pathway opportunities?

Currently, we have Vision Pathway opportunities internationally in Brazil, East Asia, England, New Zealand, and Australia.  Stateside, there are opportunities in Mobile, Philadelphia, Birmingham, and San Diego.

Why should I consider a Vision Pathway?

We believe the first year out of college is a critical year in learning to walk with God and labor for His Kingdom beyond the campus.  There’s no doubt, it can be a challenging year as graduates learn how to walk with God with added life responsibilities.  We have seen students have successful transitions when they have a mentor, a missional focus, and a missional team.  One of the most unique reasons to consider a Vision Pathway is that each opportunity is designed for a team of graduates to go together, putting them in a place to learn and grow with other like-minded peers outside of campus ministry.  Vision Pathways are designed to incorporate these elements to help students transition healthily during their first year out of college while being developed and serving the Kingdom.

We also know that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are still few. Our graduates are equipped believers who are able to serve a world in need of the Gospel in strategic ways with their desire and flexibility to give 1 year of their life toward the Great Commission.

Who are we partnered with?

Campus Outreach has chosen specific partners for Marketplace and Ministry Vision Pathways that we believe are in line with our vision and values.  We have worked to develop relationships with churches and partner organizations to ensure that the graduates who choose these Vision Pathways will receive leadership and care.

What are the costs associated with a Vision Pathway?

International Vision Pathways are support raising opportunities.  The amount of support required varies depending on location.  Stateside Vision Pathways are not support based since graduates will be finding jobs in the marketplace , but we encourage graduates choosing these opportunities to have enough savings to last a few months before they go so they have some money to move and provide for their needs while they job search.

What if I have specific interests that aren’t offered through a Vision Pathway?

We are committed to mobilizing every graduate involved in Campus Outreach to strategic places.  We want to help each student discover where God wants them for the next step of life and help them “get there.”  If you are interested in going to a specific place or have a specific area of interest, we want to help you get there by networking and finding good organizations or churches to connect you to.

Who can I talk with to find out more about this?

Ryan Akers is the Mobilization Director.  He can be reached by email at ryan.akers@campusoutreach.org.