There is perhaps no investigation more worthy of a person's time and energy than one which attempts to answer the deepest questions of life - questions concerning God, ourselves, Jesus, and eternal life. Although there are many different ways a person can approach such an endeavor, their investigation would be incomplete until they had considered the Bible's claims about these issues. The purpose of this study is to help you examine for yourself what the Bible has to say in answer to the questions mentioned aboe.

It is important for every person that claims to be a Christian to personally examine his own life in light of God's word. The test of true belief is the "practice of righteousness. This mean that a person who truly is a Christian has a trend of life thatis obedient to God's word. The purpose of this study is to examine how a person truly beleives and obeys the Word of God.

The goal of this study is to determine, from the Bible, what we believe about different elements of Christianity. This study is broken up into sections on each major topic and is best used to walk through them in the order given and in a group context so that you can talk about what you find and answer questions that you may have.