God has given us both his word and prayer as means to experiencing an intimate and joyful Christian life. Spending even ten minutes a day reading and thinking on God's word and praying it back to him can have an incredible impact on your life. This study aims to be a foundation to a daily walk with the Lord through reading and meditating on His Word.

What comes to mind when you think of the word "meditation"? There are many different wordly definitions of meditation, however, none of them are in the form discussed in this study. While the Bible does not gives us an explicit definition of meditation, we will see in this study that it does point us towards one.

What is "The Law"? What did my life before salvation look like? How did Christ fulfill the law for believers? What is the same after salvation in a Christian's experience with sin? What are the right ways and wrong ways for Christians to use the law of God in sanctification? This book examines the many theological questions surrounding salvation and what it means to please the Lord with your life.

The notion that the "Gospel is not about sin but about grace and God's love" and that "Christianity is mainly about being good and moral" are common perspectives on Christianity held on by non-believers and, unfortunately, but Christians as well. Sadly, both of these views on what the gospel is about are dead wrong. This study walks through what the Bible says about the condition of the world and God's desire for it.

This study aims to explain the purposes, uses, and abuses of the Law as mentioned in scripture. Walking through Romans 6-8, this study will guide you through our part and the Holy Spirits part in sanctification and our lifelong pursuit of Holiness.