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God sought me, God saved me, and God changed me through Jesus Christ. Despite my many mistakes the Lord saw fit that I should be in his grace. During my teen years I began to experience a Christian home life. Like many teens I didn’t find or much understand the joy in serving God. Instead of serving him, I began to only fear Him. I showed respect to his “rules” the best I could and when I messed up I said I was sorry.

Thankfully after many years of searching for purpose in life, the Lord moved in on me and changed my life for the best. I was someone thirsting for life and for acceptance and, in that longing, John 4:14 became my reality.  That thirst I so often tried to fix with this world was quenched by what Jesus provides and that is the promise of everlasting life. I now live joyfully knowing now that condemnation is no longer my destiny because, by His sweet and amazing grace, I have life in Christ.